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Suicide Squad Most of the critics destroyed it. And that was untied by the fury of the fanatics of the cómics Suicide Squad who were expecting nervously for the adaptation in the movies from " the suicide of Squad" (Suicidal Squadron), which world premiere is programmed for this Friday.


Thousands of the followers of the adventures of the team of anti-heroes shaped by Suicide Squad imprisoned villains who work for the government of the United States, signed a request in line to close the portal Rotten Tomatoes, dedicated to compiling cinematographic criticism.

They argue that this web page "always" gathers "bad" and "unjust" critiques of the movies produced by the study Warner Bros from the histories of the publishing house DC Comics, like "Batman vs Superman" or "Suicidal Squadron", both of this year.

The "Joker" that created Heath Ledger (still at the cost of its life) Suicide Squad only gave him cinematographic awards: it turned into a completely referential personage in an epoch dominated by the social networks and the free images intervention. Its performance was so powerful, that phrases like: "Why so serious?" they are now icónicas.

Pitifully and although Jared Leto transformed physics and psychologically for the role (and bearing in mind the load of its predecessor), the comparisons of the villain of " the suicide of Squad" and those of the "Dark Gentleman" are inevitable. Even more, bearing in mind that the criticism was not favorable for the movie and that, who steals the screen from himself definitely is Margot Robbie, who interprets "Harley Quinn".

Because simply, in spite of appearing more minutes that all in the movie, many have labeled it as "caricature". They praise the wardrobe and the makeup and the effort of Leto to want to be different, although the effort is seen in everything. Watch Suicide Squad Full Movie Online it was not sufficient.

Watch Suicide Squad full movie

The specializing means did not even find its transcendent performance and always in the shade of its predecessor. "In the movie of David Ayer, Jared Leto interprets the Joker with the voice of Heath Ledger behind", affirmed Michael Philips of "The Chicago Tribune".

For his part, the magazine Variety was more specific: "Yes, Jared Leto wanted to be something different from the immortal embodiment of Heath Ledger, turning the icónico Batman rival into a merciless seducer, but the personage does not do practically anything. Only it exists to inspire Harley Quinn".

And in fact, he is more defined that's why: "The version of crazy gangster of Leto is quite an intensity and nothing of substance. Like Harley, it is defined entirely by its relation, what is well, but Harley is much interesting", Suicide Squad writes Tasha Robinson, of "The Verge". Indiewire coincides: "Of not being for its reputation, its presence would be disconcerting. But it is only a glorified cameo".

Perhaps with these perceptions, it is not probable that the Leto "Joker" survives for the posterity. Really already they were making fun of him when they chose it, comparing them without compassion.

All the cinematographic versions of the villain The "Joker" of Jack Nicholson it was identified more with that of the cómic. But the actor already had a good record interpreting maniacs (for example, in "The Resplendence" in the 70s) and more tied although not identical to the presence of the villain in the series animated by the 60s.

That of Ledger comes of an epoch preceded by disgusting, personages dark and fascinating, obsessed with the madness like the only engine. This is the case of Tyler Durden, of "The Club of the Fight", Hannibal Lecter or the killer that Kevin Spacey interpreted in "Seven".

What would Leto have to contribute in this case? An esthetic presence trashy and depositor. Trashy, but elegant and elaborated. Trasgresora, but TV/radio commercial. An example of multiple references, more adaptable to one century where everything sells to itself more edulcorado, even the nastiness.